Weatherisk Web App

Weatherisk is a web application under development by Fireside Analytics PTY LTD. We're partnering with companies to test our Web Application and services. If you're interested in early access, please contact us below.

Decision-Making Toolkit

For Project Planning

Weatherisk is a Web Application designed by Fireside Analytics (PTY LTD) that combines leading climate databases with advanced military risk analytics to help projects understand likely and worst-case weather delay.

Weatherisk Dashboard

Capture all weather-related hazards and their thresholds for a project, aligning to your risk management governance.

Models a project’s most-likely and worst-case weather delays to a 99% confidence level based on past historical data.

Simulate weather delay for specific components and visualise impacts to conduct thorough and repeatable cost-benefit analysis. 

Details organisationally approved actions and support for specific projects detailing increasing levels of risk based on different weather hazards for wind, rain, heat, and storms.

Deeper analysis by a meteorologist to provide actionable intelligence on the likelihood of weather impacts.

Weatherisk's Value

Confirm the most-likely weather delays and uncover the extreme worst-cases for weather delay to a project. Show clients an evidence-based approach to how your project determined the amount weather delay, and how it will deal with the extreme scenarios.

Easily re-run plans to conduct cost-benefit analysis. Demonstrate to potential clients how you actively reduced your projects exposure and vulnerability to weather by showing the reduction in weather delays.

Use the modelling in negotiations on premiums for insurance. Understanding the difference between most-likely weather delay, the most weather delay your organisation can tolerate, and the extreme delay scenarios will allow your company to better define the amount of insurance cover needed. 

Monitor the weather thresholds during the project life-cycle. By actively monitoring the thresholds used in the modelling, project teams can get early warning of potential project blow-out if the thresholds are not being met. 


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